Our services – Company foundation Gibraltar

After an individual consultation and your decision to establish a company in Gibraltar, our range of services looks like this:

  • Company founded in Gibraltar (Gibraltar Limited)
  • Entry of the Gibraltar company in the register
  • Contracts, Memorandum
  • Ordinary company address
  • Role of a Director
  • Corporate account in Gibraltar with e-banking and credit card (which you can use worldwide)
  • Provision of a trustee shareholder
  • office service

Individual services can be added or canceled.


FAQ about setting up a company in Gibraltar:

What are the advantages of a Gibraltar company?

You can save a lot of money because you only have low taxes. The legal system is considered to be the most cost-effective in Europe. (British EU law)


Are there disadvantages?

The political difficulties with Spain could be seen as a disadvantage. These have historical reasons but, for example, do not allow direct flights from mainland Spain to Gibraltar.


What is the minimum capital requirement?

The share capital must be £100, but can be paid in any currency.


What do I have to consider when choosing a company name?

Words, such as Bank, Trust, Royal,… etc must not be used. Other words, such as “global”,” international” or “world wide” must be proven. The company name must end in “limited”.


How long does it take to set up a company in Gibraltar?

The foundation of the company takes about five days. It can also be quicker if you want to take over an existing company.


How high are the taxes?

10% flat rate or tax-exempt. The latter applies if the business takes place exclusively outside Gibraltar.


What is the minimum number of shareholders required?

The Gibraltar company only requires one shareholder.


What is the minimum number of directors?

There must be at least one director. Community directors are also allowed, with no restrictions on their seat.


What is the minimum number of secretaries required?

A secretary is required at the Gibraltar company. Joint secretaries are also allowed, there are no restrictions here either.


Is there a public company register?

Yes, there is a public register of companies, but the beneficial owners are absolutely anonymous.


Which documents must always be available at the registered company address?

The list of shareholders, directors and mortgages.


Do I have to have a company stamp?

A stamp is not mandatory for a Gibraltar company.


Do I have to keep accounts?

Yes, unlike other offshore companies, there must be an accounting department at a Gibraltar company.


Is an annual report mandatory?

Yes, an annual report is obligatory for a Gibraltar company. This must also be charged, there are costs in the amount of £ 30. If you submit too late, you have to pay £20 more.


Do shareholders’ meetings have to be held, if so, where?

No, there is no obligation and there are no restrictions on the place of a meeting.


Are exchange rate controls carried out?

No. No checks are made.


Does Gibraltar have a double taxation agreement with other countries?

No. Unlike other offshore countries, Gibraltar has no double taxation agreement with other countries.


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