Incorporate Gibraltar Company

Gibraltar is particularly suitable for Exempt companies.

The finance department is well structured and can score with a respected jurisdiction. There are several possibilities for founding a company with different company and taxation models.


The most popular company models:

1) Company model “Exempt”: Exempt from tax levies

2) “Non-Resident” company model: companies that are not based in Gibraltar

3) Gibraltar Exempt Companies

4) Trusts


1) Exempt Companies

These are tax-exempt companies. This exemption is valid for 25 years from the date of foundation.
The prerequisite for an exempt company is that no business is conducted within Gibraltar. This is not allowed with companies or private individuals in Gibraltar.


2) Non Resident Companies

This type of company on Gibraltar is particularly popular and also cheap. The company owners are not resident in Gibraltar. The company is managed from any other country. Taxes are only payable on profits returned to Gibraltar. Furthermore, there is still:


3) Gibraltar Exempt Companies

A tax of at least two percent must be paid.
This company model is recommended if you want to take advantage of the tax exemption in another country.


4) Trusts

Offshore Asset Protection Trusts (APT) are trusts that serve to protect assets.
As Gibraltar has a high degree of legal personality, these Truts are particularly popular with American citizens. Especially for those who have been divorced or are in the middle of a divorce. It is thus possible to protect one’s assets from the ex-marriage partner. However, it is necessary to make it credible that the trust was not established precisely for this purpose. When you do that, you enjoy anonymity and wealth protection.


Why is Gibraltar so special?

Because Gibraltar is the only offshore jurisdiction that is a member of the European Community and also has the status of British territory.
This constellation is particularly valuable and offers significant advantages for companies in Gibraltar.
Gibraltar had a negative reputation in the 1980s due to financial scandals. However, there have been significant positive changes for Gibraltar since the Social Democrats took over the government (keyword Peter Caruana).

The new government has ensured that GB recognises the insurance companies of Gibraltar, so GB and Gibraltar are on an equal footing.
This means that insurance companies in Gibraltar can now sell freely throughout Europe.
Meanwhile companies on Gibraltar even enjoy a very good reputation in the field of offshore companies. Even a better reputation than offshore companies in the Caribbean – this is due to the regulations that are in place, but not as strict as in the home country.
The situation in Gibraltar is not insignificant either. Gibraltar’s geographical location offers particular advantages to people residing in Spain or Portugal. People from all over the EU can also benefit.

Some facts about founding a company in Gibraltar:

  • Advantages for you: Internationally, Gibraltar companies are highly respected due to their jurisdiction with renowned, world-renowned banks. Various tax models to maximize your profits. Flat tax (corporate and income tax): 10%.
  • The currency in Gibraltar is Pound Sterling. However, you are not restricted with your company or your anonymous company account. You can make transactions in euros, dollars or any other currency in the world.
  • The company name: You can choose a name when founding the company. The team will check the availability of the name for you. If this has already been assigned, you will receive suggestions from us for alternatives that would still be available. There are only a few, few restrictions when choosing a company name: Special words such as bank, fund or trust may not be used. Some words may require proof, including European, Word wide, global or international. The company will have an ending with “limited” or “public limited company”.
  • The Gibraltar company formation takes about five days. If it should go faster, we are happy to arrange an all inclusive “ready” company (contracts, office, manager, bank account,…). This company already has a company name. However, this can also be changed within a few days if desired.
  • There are usually two shareholders in an offshore company in Gibraltar.
  • The share capital is at least GBP 100,000, with only £2 to be paid in.
  • Required persons: at least one director and one secretary, these can be arranged by The same applies to the company address to be registered. The members, the director and the secretary are deposited in the company register. (A change of director or secretary must be reported) In contrast to other “tax havens” it is recommended to keep an accounting in Gibraltar. However, they are not subject to the same strict regulations as in Austria or Germany. An annual report of the company must be prepared (a fee must be paid for this). Mortgage reports must be filed at the registered company address. Nevertheless, your anonymity is preserved. Only the director, the secretary and some information about the company (company address, mortgages on the company, annual reports, memorandum) are public, not the actual owner.
  • Freedom for you: There are no rules requiring board meetings or the like to be held.

Find out on the most important information about founding a company in Gibraltar and call us for individual questions.


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