Gibraltar – The advantages

Gibraltar is conveniently located at the southern tip of Spain.

The land area is only 6.8 square kilometres. The “guard post” of the entrance to the Mediterranean lies between the continents of Africa and Europe.

Gibraltar is often associated with the “Pillars of Hercules” (Comlumnas de Hercules). This is how the rock of Gibraltar in the south of the Iberian Peninsula and the mountain Jebel Musa (Morocco) were called in ancient times.

Both English and Spanish are spoken, the official language being English. Most of the 30,000 inhabitants live bilingually.

As the crown colony of the United Kingdom, Gibraltar is particularly politically stable. In the Constitution of Gibraltar, Great Britain assures no agreements in which the inhabitants of Gibraltar are subordinated to another state. The UK remains responsible for security, foreign policy relations and defence. Otherwise Gibraltar manages itself. (own rules)


Telecommunications in Gibraltar

Due to the well-developed network system and via satellites, telecommunications are no problem. The postal service is also reliable.


Company foundation in Gibraltar

Once it was 30%, now the flat-rate corporate income tax is 10% for legal entities and individuals. Exempt companies are tax-exempt and include companies that do business exclusively outside Gibraltar.


Why should you start a company in Gibraltar?

A major advantage of Gibraltar is its positive relationship with the EU. As a member of the European Community (due to its external relations with the UK) it can of course also take advantage of the EC directives (regarding online banking, insurance, financial services), but it also has its own advantages to offer: Customs, agricultural policy, taxes. Experts see Gibraltar as one of the international financial centres of the future.


There is no VAT in Gibraltar!

This fact attracts a lot of tourists. In the “main street” you will find one shop after the other. It is not uncommon to find here in great bargains or special and unusual pieces. This makes shopping fun.

Capital gains do not have to be taxed, nor do inheritances.


The legal system:

Gibraltar manages itself. Independently of Great Britain, Gibraltar can pass or enact its own laws. However, the legal system is largely based on British Common Law and Statute Law. This gives security, because all advantages of GB are also available here, in addition to the others from the self-government.

The company is founded very quickly, usually within five days.

There are also already existing companies that you can call your own even faster. The papers, which will be notarized, will be delivered to you on request by

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Telephone hotlines at local landline rates:

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